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      Fizika, 2006,vol.XII, 1-2

    S.N. Mustafaeva, Sh.D. Alizade Influence of Ga partial substitution in TlGaS2 for Mn on dielectric properties. 3  
    M.S. Murguzova, M.I. Murguzov, Sh.S. Ismayilov, J.I. Guseynov, B.A. Tairov Roentgen research and investigation of composition dependence of physical parameters in solid solutions of (SnSe)1-x(GdSe)x(0,0 6  
    A.Z. Badalov, M.M. Efendiyev, L.S. Mahmudova The obtaining and investigation of photoelectric properties of heterojunction on the base InP CdS structures. 9  
    S.I. Mehdiyeva, N.Z. Jalilov, N.M. Abdullayev, N.R. Memmedov, M.I. Veliyev, V.Z. Zeynalov Optical properties of i2e3-i2Se3 films. 13  
    F.T. Salmanov The influence of g-radiation on relaxing properties of doped vanadium crystals TlInS2. 15  
    M.M. Seidov, Ch.I. Abilov, Y.N. Babaev The some thermalphysic properties of solid solutions (Bi23)1-x(TlIn2)x. 18  
    A.A. Abbaszade, Kh.A. Gadgiyeva, E.Z. Babayev The mass distribution and problem of substance structure. 21  
    R.G. Aghayeva Exact expression for the thermodynamical potential of a parabolic quantum wire. 23  
    R.G.Jafarov On pion correction to quark mass in next-leading order of mean-field expansion in NJL model. 27  
    H.H. Asadov, M.M. Aliyev, E.S. Abbaszadeh The differential method for determination of major optical parameters of atmospheric aerosol in UV band. 30  
    F.K. Aleskerov Thermal conductivity of In(1-)GaxAs solid solution. 33  
    A.A. Bayramov, N.A. Safarov Matrix composite sensor for measurement mere stream. 38  
    Ch.O. Kadjar, S.A. Musayev, A.A. Abdullayev, S.B. Kazimova Centrifugal disturbance in spectrum trans-conformer of the molecule of ethyl alcohol. 41  
    S.Sh. Gakhramanov The construction peculiarities of layered organic-inorganic suprastructural ansamble. 46  
    I.R.Nuriyev, R..Sadigov, S.S.Farzaliyev, .B.Hdjiyv Pb1-xMnxTe() epitaxial films with p, n-type conductivity received in a uniform work cyclele. 52  
    N.I. Ibragimov, V.G. Agayev The halftoning of electrostatic latent image of Se electrophotographic layers by the scanning of the focused laser beam. 55  
    Yu.A.Vidadi, F.V. Aliyeva, M.A. Nizametdinova The influence of oligonaphthoquinone on some superconducting properties of erbium ceramics ErBa2Cu3O7-8. 58  
    Sh.M. Abbasov, G.T. Agaverdiyeva, T.I. Kerimova, I.R. Nuriyev, R.M. Sadikhov The influence of the radiation by electrons on electrophysical and optical properties of thin monocrystal films Pb1-xMnxTe. 60  
    A.Z. Muradaliyev, Y. Z. Farzaliyev Validity and safety of bank of statistical data of the passive physical experiment . 62  
    A.A. Mamedov The influence of semiconductor properties of the base on luminescence damping kinetics of neodymium level in the crystals g-La2S3 , sulphide, oxo-sulphide and sulphide-oxide glasses. 65  
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