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      Fizika, 2008,vol.XIV, 1

    E. SH. Hajiyev Kinematic electron diffraction study of crystallization kinetics of amorphous Yb1-xSmxAs4Te7 nanothick films. 3  
    T.D. Ibragimov, G.M. Bayramov, A.R. Imamaliev Novel colloid-liquid crystalline composites on the base of polymers. 5  
    M.A. Ramazanov, F.H. Pashaev, N.S. Nabiev, A.G. Gasanov Quantum mechanical calculation of electronic structure of molecule C60H. 7  
    A.A. Bayramov, N.N. Mursakulov, N.A. Safarov, H.M. Mamedova, B.A. Mamedov Investigation of photogeneration processes in semiconductive polymers. 10  
    S.K. Abdullayev, A.I. Mukhtarov B-baryon polarization in semi-inclusive reactions...... 14  
    S.A. Abasov, H.S. Ibragimova, M.A. Ramazanov The influence of electrotreatment on mechanical and electric durabilities of compositions on the base of polymers and piezoceramics Cd(1-x)Mn(x)GeP2. 19  
    G.A. Gasanov Hall effect and resistivity of weakly alloyed macroporous silicon formed on n-Si base . 22  
    A.M. Gashimov, G.J. Guseynov, R.A. Muradova, K.B. Gurbanov Adsorption processes in the influence conditions of electric charges. 26  
    E.A. Masimov, H.F. Abbasov, K.M. Budagov The influence of the lidocaini hydrohloridum on the water structure. 29  
    N.N. Niftiyev, O.B. Tagiyev, M.B. Muradov, F.M.Mamedov, T.Sh.Gashimova Electric properties of MnIn2Se4 composition on alternating electric field. 31  
    T.K. Nurubeyli Conditions for double focussing of ions in axial symmetric energy - mass analyzer. 34  
    Ch.O. Kadjar, S.A. Musayev, S.B. Kazimova, M.E. Aliyev, E.Ch. Saidov The rotational spectrum of transconformer of (CD3)2 CDOH molecule the forbidden transitions. . 38  
    R.G. Veliyev, F.M. Seyidov, A.I. Jabbarov State diagram of TlInS2-TlCrS2, TlGaSe2-TlCrSe2 system and electric properties of layered compounds TlCrS2, TlCrSe2. 43  
    A.F. Aliyev Utilization of production liquid wastes with the use of high-temperature energy of deviating gases. . 46  
    A.F. Aliyev Installation for definition of scale-forming and corrosive water properties in the hard conditions of thermal evaporation. 49  
    E.Sh. Hajiyev, A.I. Madadzade, D.I. Ismayilov The influence of Sm impurities on atomic spacing in amorphous nanothickness films of Yb3As4Se9 compounds 51  
    F.K. Aleskerov, S.Sh. Kagramanov, K.Sh. Kagramanov Formation of nano-layered fragments on surface (0001) heterogeneities in bismuth telluride. 54  
    G.M. Agamirzoeva, G.M. Jafarov, S.K. Orujov, Q.Q. Quseinov X-ray diffraction and magnetic susceptibility of Cu3Fe0.5Se2 single crystals. 59  
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