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      Fizika, 2009,vol.XV, 3

    R.A. Karamaliyev, A.Ch. Izmailov, Ch.O. Qajar, T.Sh. Efendiev Determination of the thickness of an absorbing film on angular dependence of the electromagnetic radiation reflection 03  
    H.A. Hasanov Structure and the electrical properties of As2Se3 films formed on buffer layer of porous silicon. 07  
    M.M. Mirabutalybov Investigation of the structure difference in nuclei isotopes and isotones 10  
    R.F. Babaeva Features of current fluctuations and electric instabilities in partially-disorder layered crystals of └IIIBVI type doped by lanthanides. 13  
    E.A. Masimov, B.G. Pashayev, H.Sh. Hasanov The activation parameters of viscous flow and thermal properties in izopropil alcohol 17  
    S.N.Mustafaeva, D.T.Guseinov Roentgen conductivity of CdGa2S4 single crystal 20  
    E.D. ╩urbanov The development of potential electrode new construction which is cathode for obtaining of nano-second volume discharge glow in the air at atmospheric pressure 23  
    G.H Ajdarov, ╠.└. └kperov, └.I. Alekperov, Z.└. Agamaliyev The influence of molten zone length on component distribution at zone recrystallization of InSb-GaSb solid solutions 25  
    T.H.Dilbazov, N.Y.Yaqubzade, Sh.A.Bayramova, E.A.Huseynova Dispersion increase of diffraction optical system 28  
    Kh.S. Alieva, T.M. Alieva, Sh.A. Bayramova, M.N. Murshudli, S.S. Suleymanov Electric and optical properties ţf SiPcCl2 films 31  
    M.A. Aldjanov, E.M. Kerimova, S.N. Mustafaeva, M.D. Nadjafzade, L.A. Ismailzade Thermodynamic functions of TlFeX2(X-S, Se, Te) and TlCrS2 34  
    T.G. Ismailov, G.G. Jabrailova Faraday effect in hollow quantum cylindr of finite thickness 36  
    A.A. Agasiyev, Ch.G. └khundov, ╠.Z. Mammedov, V.G. Sharbatov, J.G. Jabbarov Heat inertia in intensification regime 41  
    T.Z. Kuliyeva, N.N. Lebedeva, V.I. Orbuh, Ch.A. Sultanov Natural zeolite - klinoptilolite identification 43  
    E.M. Godjayev, S.I. Safarova, Sh.A. Zeynalov, M.A. Nuriyev Dielectric properties of polymer composites with semiconductor filler TlIn0.98Ce0.02Se2 46  
    Yu.G. Asadov, E.V. Nasirov, R.J. Aliyeva The investigation of kinetics of ..polymorphous transformation in KNO3+x% RbNO3(x=2.5, 5, 10%) single crystals 48  
    S.D. Demukhamedova Study of peptide bond deformation in model dipeptides by the semiempirical quantum chemistry methods 52  
    M.A. Musaev Optical-acoustic effects in optical environments 60  
    F.K. Aleskerov, S.Sh. Kakhramanov The peculiarities of thermoelectric properties of bismuth telluride with iron 70  
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