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      Fizika, 1996,vol.II, 3

    E.R. Guseinov The reflectivity of the electromagnetic waves at the finite superlattice 3  
    R.Z. Kyazimzade Ground-state energies of deep impurity centers in Ga(1-x)Se(x). 6  
    M.I. Abdullaev, E.Sh. Alekperov, I.R. Nuriev Investigation on structure perfecton of this surface superlattice layers by standing X-ray wave method. 9  
    G.Z. Bagiyeva, N.B. Mustafayev, N.G. Sadigov Surface conductivity of Ba2Te2,7Se0,3 crystals. 12  
    O.B. Tagiev, T.Sh. Gashimova Electrooptical properties of MnGaInS4:Eu single crystals. 14  
    M.Y. Bakirov, M.A. Mamedov Optical properties a-GeSi:H. 17  
    V.I. Nasirov Yhe influence of temperature and pressure variation on the kinetic of polymorphic transitions a - y in paradichlorobenzene. 20  
    F.K. Aleskerov Heat-treated thermoelectric alloy based on Bi2Te(3-x)Se(x):Fe system. 23  
    D.I. Ismailov, M.F. Alieva, R.M.Sultanov, F.I. Aliev, R.B. Shafizade, E.Sh. Alekperov Formation of superlattice s at phase transformations in TlGaSe2. 26  
    T.A. Aliyev, D.A. Huseynov, F.K. Isayev Propagation of ultra-sound in InSb-type strongly degenerated semiconductors with non-parabolic band. 29  
    R.Yu. Aliyv, D.I. Karayev, K.A. Askerov Radiation resistivity of photodiodes on the InSe basis. 32  
    I.V. Alekseyev Calculation of spectral distributions of sensitivity of a non-linear y-ray detector. 35  
    Sh.M. Nagiyev, F.I. Jafarov Excitation of a relativistic quantum linear oscillator by homogenious field. I. 38  
    Yu.G. Nurullaev On the problem of the doping effect on photoelectric memory indium selenide single crystals. 42  
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