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      Fizika, 1999,vol.V, 2

    V.M. Salmanov, E.K, Guseynov, Ch.I. Abilov, A.A. Agayeva Anomalous refraction of light in GaSe layered crystals. 3  
    E.M. Kerimova, S.N. Mustafayeva The crystalophysics of low-dimensional semiconductors. 5  
    S.I. Mekhtiyeva, A.I. Isayev, V.Z. Zeynalov, Z.I. Yusifov, Y.H. Hasanov Optical properties of glassy Se, chalkogenide glassy semiconductors (CGS) of Se-As system and the influence of galogen impurities on them. 8  
    S.A. Abbasov, M.A. Ramazanov Influence thermoprocessing on the strength and dielectric properties of polymer compositions. 11  
    T.M. Khalina Calculation of electrical conductivity between two pairs of co-planar electrodes disposed in conductor of rectangular section. 14  
    L.M. Valiyev, R.Z. Sadykhov, Sh.O, Orudjeva Investigation of cation substituted complex sulphshpinels of 3-d metals. 23  
    M.A. Ramazanov The magnetodielectrical properties of polymer composition materials. 25  
    E.A. Eyvazov, E.V. Nasirov, Y.N. Abbasov, A.F. Safarov, V.I. Husseinov Thermal expansion Co(1-x)CuxCr2S4 in the magnetic phase transition neighbourhood. 27  
    M. Kerimova, S.N. Mustafayeva, S.B. Kazymov, E.M. Godjayev Photoelectrical properties of layer TlGao,99Fe0,01S2 single crystals. 30  
    Y.N. Babayev Thermoelectromotive of the oriented eutectics AIV-Te-Te. 33  
    A.A. Agasiyev, A.O. Aliyev, M.H. Agayev Anomaly of electroconductivity in Sb2S3-Sb2Se3 films in the phase transition region. 35  
    Sh.A. Topchieva, B.G. Tagiev, R.B. Jabbarov, O.B. Tagiev, O.H. Mamedov, V.A. Aliyev The investigations of chemical composition of vipera lebetina obtusa venom depending on ecological factors by lazer spectroscopy method. 38  
    Sh.M. Hasanli, F.I. Aliyev, Kh.B. Bayramov Behaviour of electron mobility in inversion channels of silicon D-MDS-structures. 41  
    M.A. Nuriyev, A.M. Magerramov Microphone on the base of polymer composites. 46  
    H.B. Ibrahimov Intraband light absorption on quantum wells at the expense of alloy-disorder scattering. 49  
    M.M. Mirabutalybov Elastic electron and proton scattering on non-spherical nucleuses. 53  
    Yu.G. Asadov, A.I. Movlanverdiyeva, F.Yu. Asadov Crystallographic aspects of structure transmutation in Cu(1-90)oTe and Cu(1-50)Zn(1-40)Te. 57  
    N.Z. Jalilov, M.N. Veliyev The study of the surface structure of the hexagonal selenium monocrystal, obtained from melting phase under pressure. 63  
    S.A. Aliev, S.S. Ragimov, V.M. Aliev The influence of magnetic field on the thermal conductivity of HTSC. 66  
    H.F. Abbasov, Q.M. Bayramov The frequency dependence of the 4-n-butoxyphenyl ether of the 4-n-decyloxibensoate acid. 69  
    D.M. Kuli-zade On the emission components of the H and K CaII lines in resolved and unresolved spectrum of the Sun. 71  
    T.I. Guseynov, Z.A. Aliyarova, N.A. Kardashbekova, N.T. Guseynova, A.G. Gasanov Research of influence of the electrical discharge and ozone on crystal structure PE and its copolymers with propylen and amylen by roentgenographic and DTA methods. 74  
    O.I. Davarashvili, M.Yu. Enukashvili, N.P. Kekelidze, E.V. Stepanov, A.P. Shotov, V.A. Aliyev The determination of the concentration of molecular gases by the method of laser spectroscopy. 78  
    P.G. Azhdarov, T.G. Kerimova Electrical properties of heat-treated n-type Ge(1-x)Six(Cu) crystals. 81  
    Sh.G. Askerov, I.M. Efendieva, M.A. Gambarzadeh, M.G. Gasanov The role of tunnel current in (PtSi+TiW-Al)-nSi Schottky diodes. 84  
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