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      Fizika, 2000,vol.VI, 3

    N.Kh. Guliev Search for slow spectral variability of T Tauri. 3  
    G.A. Agayeva Theoretical conformational analysis of glucagon molecule. 5  
    M.M. Mirabutalybov Nuclear structure and RMS radii. 8  
    M.M. Babaev, T.M. Gassym Tfhermoelectromotive force of nondegenerate Kane semiconductors under the conditions of mutual electron-phonon drag in a strong electric field. 10  
    M.I. Abdullayev, H.R. Nuriyev, E.Sh. Alekberov, R.M. Sultanov Iinfluence of thermotreatment of Pb(1-x)SnxTe substrates on structure of epitaxial films PbTe(1-y)Sey. 15  
    K.Z. Nuriev, N.A. Mamedov, T.K. Nurubeyly The influence of the spatial charge of ions on the disperse characteristics of energy- and mass-analyzers. 17  
    Ya.Ya. Guseinov Electrical characteristics interface of isotype mono- and polycrystalline silicon films. 21  
    S.I. Mehdiyeva, R.L. Bayramova Some peculiarities of the paramagnetic resonance formed in various industrial rubbers due to technological factors (I). 23  
    V.A. Tanriverdiyev.V.S. Tagiyev, S.M. Seyid-Rzayeva Surface spin waves in a semi infinite ferromagnetic superlattice. 28  
    M.B. Babaev Variability of physical conditions in the gaseous part of the Nova HR Del. 31  
    B.A. Najafov The electrical properties of the amorphous films of solid solution Geo,9Si0,10:Hx. 36  
    A.A. Radjabli p-n junctions formed in CdxHg(1-x)Te by diffusion of Au, Ag and Cu. 39  
    O.I. Davarashvili, M.I. Enukashvili, N.P. Kekelidze,E-G. Chikoidze, V.A. Aliyev The recombination center InP doped with sulphur. 42  
    Ch.O.Qajar,S.R.Kasimova The estimate of selective absorption band of waves in two-layer system dielectric-dielectric. 45  
    B.Z. Aliev, K.B. Gurbanov Effective kinetic factors in layerly-inhomogeneous systems. 48  
    E.N. Zamanova, L.A. Alieva Photoelectrical properties of Solar cells on the base of barrier Shottky Cu2O-Cu. 52  
    T.G. Kerimova, Z.G. Mamedov, A.G. Sultanova Simulated impurity photoconductivity in CdGa2S4. 56  
    H.F.Abbasov,G.M.Bayramov,R.M.Budagov On some dielectric properties of the smectic liquid crystal. 59  
    O.B.Tagiyev, S.E.Hasanova Photoluminescence and photoconductivity in monocrystals of EuGa2S4:Co. 62  
    M.B. Guseynov, A.M. Suleymanov, K.M. Sultanov, V.S. Tagiev To the theory of magnetic properties of high-temperature superconductors. 64  
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