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      Fizika, 2003,vol.IX, 3-4

    Nadir B. Mustafaev Spectrum of surface polaritons on GaSe crystals. 3  
    G.I. Abutalybov, I.I. Abdullayev, S.A. Lozitskiy, A.A. Mamedov The spectrums of infrared reflection and combinational dispersion of light in oxide sulphide of lantan crystals. 6  
    N.H. Hasanov, M.A. Mehrabova Photooxidation of donor molecules on the surface of BN. 11  
    A.A. Nabiyev, G.R. Gurbanov Electrical properties of solid solutions (Ge2S3)(1-x)(GeS)x. 13  
    A.O. Allakhverdiev, F.K. Kasumov, S.O. Tagieva Possible Masses of Progenitors of Different Type Neutron Stars. 15  
    N.A. Isakova, I.N. Alieva, N. M. Gojayev Molecular dynamics of neuromedin NmU-8 neuropeptide. 22  
    V.A.Tanriverdiyev Green function method in a ferromagnetic superlattice. 26  
    S.A. Aliev, S.S. Ragimov, V.M. Aliev The diffuse phase transition in HTSC and the magnetic field influence on IT. 30  
    G.B. Ibragimov Thermodynamics of quantum wires with a parabolic potential in tilted magnetic fields. 35  
    N.N. Gadjieva, M.Z. Velidjanova, E.S. Dzhafarov The studing of the influence of the ultra high frequency (UHF) field on the processes of the drying and fermentation of the tobacco leaves. 38  
    N.I. Ibragimov, V.G. Agayev, N.B. Soltanova The spectral distribution of the photosensitivity of the two-component electrophotographical layers of trigonal Se/CdInGaS4. 41  
    .F.F. Aliyev, M.A. Kerimov, F.M. Gashimzade Thermoelectromotive force and thermal conductivity in Ag2Te. 44  
    E.I. Zulfugarov The thermomagnetical effects in n-Pb0.8Sn0.2Te. 47  
    E.I. Zulfugarov On thermomagnetic transducers of IR rays on the base of CdxHg(1-x)Te. 50  
    M.A. Mukhtarov MATHEMATICA software in integration of chiral field model. 53  
    Proceedings from Conference  
    Nina Kevlishvili, Giorgi Piranishvili Klein Paradox in Modified Dirac and Salpeter Equations. 57  
    S.N. Mustafaeva, E.M. Kerimova, M.M. Asadov, R.N. Kerimov Roentgendetectors on the base of TlInSe2. 62  
    T.D. Dzhafarov, C. Oruc, S. Aydin, E.Cingi, D.Oren Porous Silicon-Based Hydrogen Detectors. 65  
    G.Abdullayeva, T.G.Mamedov, R.A.Suleymanov Application of virtual crystal model to layer semiconductor TlGaSe2. 73  
    N.M. Atakishiyev, A.U. Klimuk Hamiltonian-type qperators and q-orthogonal polynomials. 80  
    O.B. Abdinov, N.S. Angelov, B.L.Beloshev, Y.G. Guseynaliyev, M.K. Suleymanov, A.S. Vodoplanov Search for the mixed sides of strong interaction matter-phase transition at low temperature. 94  
    Azerbaijan-russian-english dictionary of the physical terms. 106  
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