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      Fizika, 2004,vol.X, 3

    ̀.̀. ̀irAbutalibov Quasi-elastic scattering of protons intermediate energies on nucleus. 3  
    Zarbaliyev Maharram Zarbali oglu STM surface topography and UV photoconductivity of InSe, GaSe layer semiconductors. 8  
    A.Sh. Mekhtiyev, T.M. Tatarayev, L.N. Faradgeva The features of the scattering of electromagnetic and acoustic waves in the water boundary layer of the atmosphere. 11  
    A.M. Babayev The energy spectrum of carriers in Kane type semiconductor microcrystals with singular oscillator potential. 16  
    F.M, Hashimzade, A.M. Babayev,S.Charmak, Sh. Chakmaktere Kane type quantum disk with weak rashba spin-orbit coupling. 18  
    T.G. Ismailov, B.H. Mehdiyev Raman scattering in quantum wire in a magnetic field . 23  
    H.F. Abbasov Influence of the surface state to the threshold and time properties of the ferroelectric liquid crystal . 31  
    Z.A. Veliev, N.A. Kardashbayova, Kh.A. Hasanov The influence of the charge carrier-phonon mutual drag on the recombination processes. 35  
    Z.A. Veliev, Kh.A. Hasanov The recombination processes in the external electric, quantizing magnetic and electromagnetic fields . 38  
    M. Moslehi-Fard, A.H. Muradov High frequency probe measurements and local beam-plasma interaction near double layer. 41  
    V.A.Tanriverdiyev, V.S.Tagiyev, S.M.Seyid-Rzayeva Bulk spin waves propagation in direction perpendicular to the (110) plane for ferromagnetic superlattice. 45  
    O.Davarashvili, M. Enukashvili, N. Kekelidze, G. Darsavelidze, L. Gabrichidze, T. Mamedov, N. Ahmedzade, L.Tecer The effect of the thermal influence on the microhardness and the crystal expansion of BaF2. 48  
    M.A. Mukhtarov Solution of the principal chiral field problem As “mathematica” algorithm . 50  
    M.N. Bayramov, A.M. Magerramov The influence of the electric field on the pozistor properties of the electrotechnical glassyplastic on the base of the epoxido-case resin. 58  
    N.N. Musayeva, O.B. Tagiyev, R.B. Jabbarov The studing of photoconduction mechanism of the photosensitive crystals by the type of PbGa2S4(Se4. 61  
    A.F. Aliyev Plant with the rotating heat transmitting disk electrode for electrophysical investigations of the corrosive and electrochemical behavior of metals. 65  
    M.A. Sadikhov, S.T. Azizov The conditions of the full absorption of the electromagnetic radiation of the two-layered system dielectric-metal at the presence of the resistance transformer. 67  
    A.F. Aliyev Investigation of the al-mn alloy electrochemical behaviour in the Caspian sea water under different movement speeds and heat transfer conditions. 70  
    Talat R. Mehdiyev The optical properties of Fe:LiNbO3. . 74  
    S.T. Azizov, M.A. Sadikhov The microwave polymer absorbents. 77  
    E.M. Hamidov, M.K. Kerimov, A.M.Magerramov,N.N. Gadzjieva The investigation of morfology and conformation changes of the thin polymeric film, filled by the thin-dispersion ferroelectric particle. 79  
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