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      Fizika, 2005,vol.XI, 3

    E.M.Gojayev, R.M.Sardarli, S.S.Osmanova, N.A.Eyubova, E.A.Allahyarov The derivative-graphical investigations of the polyethylene system of the low density (PELD) + x weigh % TlInSe2 (x=0; 1; 3; 5; 10; 40). 3  
    M.M. Panahov, S.A. Sadraddinov, J.N. Jabbarov, B.SH. Barkhalov The mechanism of electrical conductivity in thin-film structure on the basis of the organic semiconductor vanadium phthalocyanine. 7  
    N.N. Niftiyev, O.B. Tagiyev Currents of thermostimulated depolarization in MnIn2S4 and MnGaInS4 single crystals. 10  
    J.Y. Naziyev Theoretical research of the dependence of thermal conductivity of compressed gases and liquids on thermal pressure. 12  
    M.A. Mukhtarov Lax pair presentation of WZNW model. 15  
    M.A. Musayev, L.I. Velieva, I.N. Alieva, N.M. Gojayev Dynamical properties of the allatostatin iv neuropeptide side chains in water solution. 17  
    S.A. Aliyev The blur of the order parameter in argentum chalcogenide in the region of the phase transition. 24  
    R.G. Jafarov The equations for the multi-quark green function in nambu-jona-lazinio model. 27  
    R.A. Abdullayev, M. Yuksek The estimation of optical channel with multiplicative noise by using of separating parameter. 32  
    X.N. Vezirov, N.I. Ibragimov Possible causes of screen background radiation of electro-optical transformer (EOT. 36  
    M. Babayev, Sh. Chakmaktepe, A. Kyokche Edge states in a Kane type semiconductor quantum wire. 39  
    L.A. Alieva, S.A. Gadjiev The gluons Green function in NLO. 45  
    M.M. Mirabutalibov The reaction of dislodging of nucleones by the protons from the nucleuses. 50  
    S.K. Abdullayev, A.I. Mukhtarov, S.M. Ragimova The electroweak asymmetries in the semi-inclusive deep-inelastic reactions. 53  
    E.N. Zamanova, L.A. Aliyeva, S.M. Bagirova, M.N.Yolchiyev, G.G. Guseynov The doping of Cu2-xS magnitosensitive and component (Sm) films in electrosynthesis process. 59  
    M.A. Sadichov, S.T. Azizov, A.S. Zeynalova The frequency characteristics of the reflection of the electromagnetic radiation in the layered systems. 62  
    N.A. Aliyev, S.A. Jamalova, R.B. Akhverdiyev, S.G. Faradjeva, T.F. Allahyarova, A.A. Kasimov The investigation of the states of Cr, Co, Ni, Bi and K ions, deposited on y-Al2O3 in the composition of the dehydrogenation catalyst by ESDO and rentgenography methods. 65  
    F.G. Abdullayev, O.A. Agayeva, U.A. Jabiyev, D.A. Jafarova The experimental investigation of P-ro-T dependence of methanol-water solutions in the temperature intervals from 30C till 30C and pressure 1-200 bar. 70  
    V.K.Kazimova, Z.M.Zeynalov, G.H. Ajdarov The distribution of indium impurity in the Ge-Si homogeneous crystals of the solid solutions, grown up by Bridgman method in the mode of the continuous replenishment of the melt by the silicon. 73  
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