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      Fizika, 2007,vol.XIII, 3

    N.N. Niftiyev, F.M. Mamedov, O.B. Tagiyev, M.B. Muradov The dielectric properties of layered monocrystals FeIn2Se4. 3  
    A.I. Mukhtarov, R.M. Ibadov, U.R. Khodjaeva About limitation of elementary particles mass. 6  
    Y.H.Huseynaliyev, M.K. Suleymanov, O.B. Abdinov, A.S. Vodopianov Search for the criteria to select of multinucleon collisions. 11  
    R.H. Yazdanxan, E.R. Hasanov The semiconductor impedance of electron type charge carriers with homogeneous boundary conditions. 16  
    R.M. Kasimov, I.U. Ibadzadeh, V.V. Bogatov Algorithm of determining conditions for non-catoptrical absorption of electromagnetic radiation in polar liquid strata. 18  
    T.D. Ibragimov, E.K. Huseynov Optical extinction by small particles of amorphous silicon dioxide. 22  
    N.Y. Yagubzade ,T.G. Dilbazov Lightforce optical system of the small-sized spectral device . 25  
    G.M. Akhmedov High intensity thermophotovoltaic cells on the basis Bi2Te3 - Bi2Se3 to light concentration applications. 29  
    V.D. Shukurova The temperature characteristics of silicon photocells with a high performance of conversion of a solar energy. 32  
    H.A. Abbasov, S.I. Mehdiyeva, M.M. Javadova The determination of diode capacity on the basis of Cu2Se. 36  
    M.A. Alijanov, N.M. Orujov, M.O. Mehrabov, S.M. Alijanova, H.I. Ibayev Research of thermoelectric properties of (PbSe)1-x (CoSe2)x system alloys. 39  
    M.B. Jamshid, E.R. Hasanov Theory of internal instability in the semiconductors with one type of charge carriers. 42  
    Z.A. Agamaliyev The second acceptor level of argentums in solid solutions Ge-Si. 44  
    M.A. Nuriyev, E.E. Alekperova, D.I. Ismaylov The atomic short-range order parameters in the films of triple compounds of Cu - In - S(Te) system. 47  
    S.R. Kasimova The reflection of transversely polarized wave at its incidence angularly on two-layer system: antireflection coating - absorptive substrate. 50  
    M.M. Aliyev, E.A. Zelenkova, U.G. Gezalov The revealing of dimension effect in electron subsystem processes of dispersed ZrO2 in spectrums of ultraviolet reflection. 53  
    Y.I. Aliyev, A.G. Babayev, D.I. Ismayilov, Y.G. Asadov The structural and thermodynamic aspects of polymorphic transformations in Ag2Se. 56  
    I.M. Afandiyeva, Sh.G. Askerov, L.K. Abdullayeva, M.N. Agayev, M.H. Hasanov Electronic properties of interface of Al0.8Ni0.2/nSi diodes. 62  
    Z.H. Tagiev, R.J. Kasumova, G.A. Safarova, N.A. Aslanova Determination of media high-order susceptibility by nonlinear optics method. 66  
    M.B. Babanli The parameters of martensitic transformations in Ti32Hf18Ni50-xCux alloys. 68  
    A.M. Hashimov, M.A.Gasanov, K.B. Gurbanov, R.N. Mekhtizadeh Adsorption treatment of tannery wastewater under the electrical discharges effect. 76  
    E.M. Farhadzadeh, A.Z. Muradaliyev, Y.Z. Farzaliyev Methods of build-down variance of the simulation model. 82  

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