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      Fizika, 2007,vol.XIII,5

    E.D. Gurbanov, I.P.Kuzhekin, A.M. Hashimov, A.S. Bondyakov Local and nonlocal criterions of runaway electrons in solid gases and dielectrics under action of high voltage pulses by short wavefront 3  
    R.A. Karamaliyev, R.M. Kasimov Spectral characteristics of antireflective optical coatings with complex refractive indexes 9  
    Sh.M. Abbasov, A.S. Baytsar, Z.A. Ibrahimov, K.T. Agaverdiyeva, L.A. Taibov, U.F. Farajova Raman spectra in heterostructures Ge/Ge1-xSix 12  
    A.A. Aqasiyev, E.S. Garayev, S.N. Sarmasov Behavior of phase transition in near inversion zone of Pb1-XSnXTe 15  
    T.D. Dzhafarov, S. Aydin, C. Oruc Lus Effect of humidity on optical and electrical properties of free standing porous silicon films 17  
    R.B. Aslanov, R.L. Mamedova The effect of uv light on pigmented in biological systems and the role of pigment 21  
    Y.V. Mamedova Mesons distribution functions in the “naive-non-abelianization” approximation and power-suppressed corrections to FK(Q2) 24  
    Z.H. Tagiev, R.J. Kasumova, G.A. Safarova, M.A. Mamedov, N.V. Kerimova High efficiency laser radiation frequency converters in quasi-phase –matched regime 29  
    F.A. Masimov, A.R. Imamaliyev, K.M. Budagov The investigation of elastoviscous properties of agar gels by Rebinder’s method 32  
    V.I. Tagirov, Z.A. Agamaliyev, Z.Y. Hasanov, A.F. Quliyev, N.F. Qahramanov Obtaining of binary solid solution single crystals using the beginning of the feeding ingot as replenishment beginning at k>1 by new method 35  
    A.I. Isayev, S.I. Mekhtiyeva, N.Z. Jalilov, R.I. Alekperov, V.Z. Zeynalov The currents, limited by the space charges in chalcogenide vitreous semiconductors of Se95As5 system, containing the samarium impurities 41  
    N.I. Ibragimov, V.G. Agayev The doping influence of near-surface regions of photosemiconductor microparticles by annealing in chlorine atmosphere on the electrophotographical (EF) parameters of trigonal Se layers in the bonding solution 45  
    M.A. Ramazanov, P.B. Agakishiyeva, S.A. Abbasov, P.A. Ali-zade The influence of temperature – time crystallization mode on the mechanical strength and on the structure of polymeric magnetic nano-composites on pvdf+Fe3O4 basis 47  
    R.Z. Mekhtiyeva, A.I. Mamedov The structure and ferroelectric properties in the solid solutions with the structure of tetragonal tungsten bronze 50  
    F.K. Aleskerov, S.Sh. Kakhramanov, E.D. Moroydor, M.G. Pishkin The conceptions of the fractal in the physics of supramolecular eutectics 52  
    E.M. Godjayev, Sh.A. Zeynalov, S.S. Osmanova, E.A. Allakhyarov, O.A. Gumbatov The obtaining and studying of electret properties of PELD+x vol.% TlGaTe2(TlInSe2) compositions 57  
    M.B. Muradov, G.M. Eyvazova, M.A. Nuriyev The composite gas sensitivity on the basis of polymers and Cu2S and CdS nanoparticles 59  
    N.Z. Djalilov, G.M. Damirov, N.R. Mamedov The volt-ampere characteristics of amorphous solid solutions of Se-S system 62  
    M.A. Ramazanov, F.V. Gadgiyeva, A.S. Guseynova The influence of electrothermopolarization on the microstructures and composition strength properties on the basis of polypropylene and MnO2 64  
    M.B. Babanli The mechanical properties of rapid-hardened multi-component alloys on tini basis near crystallization temperature 67  
    M.A. Mukhtarov Generalized Toda models 74  
    Y.I. Aliyev, A.G. Babayev, F.G. Magerramova Polymorphic transformations in Ag2-xCu0+xS(x=0.45;0.8;1.07) 78  
    A.I. Hasanov, E.M. Kerimova, N.Z. Hasanov, K.M. Huseynova, P.M. Iskenderova Research of solid solutions TlGa1–xCoxS2 85  
    H.A. Hasanov Transition of charge carriers in mezoporous silicon made on base of p+-Si 88  
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