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      Fizika, 2008,vol.XIV, 2

    M. A. Ramazanov, K. Arbabi, Mojtahed Zadeh Larijani M. Production of vertical-aligned carbon nanotubes (VACNTS) with direct current plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (DCPECVD). 3  
    G.T. Gasanov, A.N. Mamedova Heat capacity of liquids at multiquantum ionization influence of laser rays. 7  
    E.Sh. Hajiyev, A.I. Madadzade, J.I. Ismailov Interaction of Yb(1-§)Sm§ and As2S3 thin films obtained by vacuum deposition. 10  
    S.D. Alekperov An alternative approach to using atomic-force microscopy in the surface studies . 12  
    M.A. Musayev Nonlinear absorption and susceptibility of the fifth order in InSb at the wavelength of 10.6 micron. 15  
    E.V. Nasirov, Yu.G. Asadov Polimorphic transformation in monocrystall of ╩1-§└g§N╬3 (§=0,025; 0,05; 0,1) 14  
    Ch.I. Abilov, M.F. Agayeva Features of heat conductivity in crystalls (Fe3Sb2)0,98(Pb82,5Sb17,5)0,08. 21  
    F.M. Hashimzade, Kh.A. Hasanov, B.H. Mehdiyev Thermoelectric effects in quantum well. 26  
    A.A. Mamedov Spectroscopic properties of neodymium ions in .-Gd2-S3 single crystals. 31  
    B.G.Tagiyev, S.A.Abushov, O.B.Tagiyev, F.A.Kazimova Photo- and thermo-luminescence of SrGa2S4:Eu crystals. 33  
    F.K. Aleskerov, S.Sh. Kagramanov,M.A. Ramazanov Metal interlayer nano-particles in bismuth telluride. 36  
    Yashar Azizian Kalandaragh, M.B. Muradov, R.K. Mamedov, A. Khodayari, G.M. Eyvazova Formation of PVA-capped CdSe nanocrystals under ultrasonic waves . 41  
    E.M. Farhadzadeh, A.Z. Muradaliyev, Y.Z. Farzaliyev Matching of criteria the discernment of the functional characteristics of indexes of reliability of plants EES. 44  
    S.G.Abdulvahabova, D.Masti Definition of resulting angle of the deviation after the passage of neutrons through the crystal. 48  
    H. A. Hasanov Study of electrical and photoelectric properties of strongly compensated solid solutions obtained on the base of lead sulphide under the influence of radiation. 51  
    S.T. Azizov, Sh.K. Agamuradova, Ch.O. Kadjar Investigation of dielectric properties of strongly-absorbing liquids and their solutions 56  
    Kh.G. Gasanov, E.A. Kerimov, M.A. Kurbanov, S.N. Musaeva Interrelation between electrophysical properties of polymer - pyroceramics composites and their components. 60  
    G.I. Abutalibov, D.I. Guseynov, A.A. Mamedov Stark state structure 4/3/2 of Nd3+ ion in La2S3 crystal at selective laser excitation 64  
    A.A. Agasiyev, M.M. Panahov, M.Z. Mamedov, V.J. Mamedova, H.O. Gafarova Dielectric constant of restored SrTiO3. 66  
    Yu.G. Asadov, Yu.I. Aliyev, F.G. Magerramova, A.G. Babayev The role of zinc atoms in modification stabilization in Cu2Se. . 69  
    Ď.╠. └hmedov Wave diffraction on plane belt with resistive boundary conditions. 75  
    T.R. Mehdiyev, N.R. Babayeva, A.M. Gashimov, A.A. Habibzade Electromagnetic processes in frequency-dependent resistor sheath. 80  
    S.B. Kazimova, M.E. Aliyev, A.S. Hasanova ôForbiddenörotational transitions of trans-konformer (CD3)2CDOH molecule. Centrifuqal rotatiohal transitions and weak rotatiohal transitions . 88  
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