The comment

Comments are publications that criticize or correct specific papers of other authors previously published in AJP Fizika. Each Comment should state clearly to which paper it refers. The normal publication schedule is followed.
Authors of potential Comments are encouraged to try to resolve and clarify any disagreement with the authors of the original paper before submission of the Comment. The content in a Comment should be directed to the physics in the paper being criticized; statements on other matters, such as perceived citation omissions, are not generally suitable for publication as Comments, and can usually be addressed most effectively through direct contact with the authors of the original paper. Criticism should be free of polemics and personal or ad hominem remarks.

The reply

When a Comment is deemed suitable for publication by the Editor, the criticized authors will be given the opportunity to write a Reply for possible simultaneous publication. The Reply will also be reviewed and to be suitable for publication should contain new physics material or discussion; it is not appropriate simply to repeat what has already appeared in the literature. If a Reply is not found suitable for publication it may be rejected even if the Comment is accepted.
It is the responsibility of the corresponding author of the original work being criticized (to whom a copy of the Comment is sent as part of the review process) to ensure that all the original authors are aware of the criticism and to ensure that all appropriate individuals are listed as authors of the Reply.

The review process

The paper is first sent to the authors whose work is being criticized. These authors may (a) act as reviewers (usually non-anonymously) and recommend that the paper be accepted, be accepted after revision, or be rejected; (b) submit a Reply for simultaneous consideration, although it is often more productive to wait until the Comment is in a form that we intend to publish; (c) respond following review by an independent referee. If they choose to review the paper they may or may not want to publish a Reply to the Comment. Authors should indicate their intentions to the editors as soon as possible.

After the issues in question have been addressed by the authors of the Comment and the authors of the work being criticized, the Editor will usually consult an independent, anonymous referee. When the Editor is ready to accept a Comment, the authors being criticized will have an opportunity to submit a Reply (or to revise their Reply if one has already been submitted).

After the Comment and Reply have been accepted for publication, the author of the Comment is sent a copy of the Reply for information, but should not alter the text of the Comment in proof. The Comment and Reply are usually (but not always) published in the same issue.