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      Fizika, 2002,vol.VIII, 2

    Sh.S. Aslanov, I.R. Nuriyev, V.A. Aliyev, A.M. Nazarov High-effective and durable solar durable solar elements on the basis of a-Si:H. 3  
    E. R. Kasimov The reflection of the cross -polarized electromagnetic. 6  
    F.M. Hasimzade, N.R. Mustafaev Influence of electron-electron coloumb repulsion on photothreshold of the group III-VI layered semiconductors. 10  
    Karamat Nasirzadeh Vapor pressure and osmotic coefficients using Bromley equation for 1:1 electrolytes in methanol at 298.15K. 13  
    A.A. Ismayilov, M.A. Ramazanov Influence of temperature-temporary condition of crystallization and discharge processing on spectra of photoluminescence of compositions on the basis of polymer semiconductor. 16  
    I.Kitay oglu, A.G. Bagirov Photovoltaic effect in monocrystals CuGaSe2. 18  
    N.M. Huseynov Energy spectrum of superlattice in magnetic field. 20  
    A.M. Suleimanov, M.B. Huseinov About the theory of the non-Heisenberg magnets. 23  
    M.M. Panahov, S.A. Sadraddinov, J.H. Jabbarov, B.Sh. Barkhalov The capacitive characteristics of thin film photoelectric cells on the base of the maghesium phthalocyanine. 25  
    F.M.Gashimzade, A.M.Babaev, Kh.A.Gasanov Thermodynamics of semiconductive film with a parabolic potential in strong magnetic field. 28  
    G.G. Huseynov, V.A. Gasimov, F.G. Magerramova The roentgenographic study of layered semiconductors of Ga0,5-xSnxIn1,5S3 type. 33  
    Sh.M.Abbasov Tenzometrik properties of volumetric crystals of germanium-silicon solid solutions. 36  
    .M.A. Mukhtarov Solutions of the principal chiral field problem for the high-rank simple algebras. 38  
    G.H. Ajdarov, M.A. Akperov, V.V. Mir-Bagirov, E.S. Huseynova The mathematical modeling of components distribution in solid solutions InSb-InAs at the zone recrystallization. 41  
    G.A. Abbasov, M.N. Ibragimov, M.J. Radgabov On the application of various switching elements for information transmission and distribution. 44  
    R.S. Ismailova, N.A. Eyubova, S.G. Alieva Influence of antioxidants on thermal properties of fibroins of natural polymer. 46  
    G.B. Ibragimov Free carriers light absorption in semiconductive quantum wires at the electron scattering on the alloyed disorder. 48  
    V.Z. Mustafayev The production of higgs bosons in non-elastic neutrino-quark scattering. 53  
    .J.N. Rustamov The new subtype for the spectral classification of some Wolf-Rayet type stars. 56  
    .S.I.Mehtieva, R.L.Bayramova, S.A. Abasov, Y. Lenger Ozcanli, Sh.V. Mamedov The effect of thermal treatment and the dopings containing oxygen on the ESR spectra of chloroprene rubber (II). 60  
    E.M. Gojayev, K.D. Gulmamedov, D.A. Huseynov Electrophysical properties of TlIn1-xSmxSe2 (0 69  
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