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      Fizika, 2003,vol.IX, 1

    L.M. Valiyev , Sh.O. Orujeva, A.I. Akhmedov The peculiarities of electric and galvanomagnetic properties of Fe1,2Cr1,8S4. 3  
    H.F. Abbasov, A.R. Imamaliyev Simulation of trashold properties of ferroelectric liquid crystal. 6  
    G. Asadov, R.B. Baykulov The structural transformations in Cu1.50Ag0.5Te. 9  
    A.A. Aliyev The electric ageing of the polyethylene and polypropylene polymer mixtures in the region of low admixtures on one of the components. 16  
    K.B. Gurbanov The research of the influence of the electric discharge on the GaS medium SF6. 19  
    J.N. Rustamov The modern evolutionary status of the binary wolf-rayet type stars. 22  
    S.G. Rzayev, Z.M. Zakhrabekova The potential relief close to the isolated dislocation in Si. 27  
    Talat R. Mehdiyev Optical properties of LiNbO3. 31  
    Sh.M. Abbassov The influence of impurities on kinetics of annealing of Ge(1-X)SiX radioactive defects. 35  
    S.K. Abdullayev, A.I. Mukhtarov, M.Sh. Godjayev Effects of weak neutral currents in the semi-inclusive reactions. 38  
    N.E. Huseynov The peculiarities of creation of twopiezoelement piezoelektromechanotron action transistor. 42  
    D.I. Ismailov, E.A. Alakbarova, F.I. Aliyev The structure of the short-range order of the amorphous TlInSe2. 45  
    V.P. Aliyev, S.S. Babayev, T.G. Mammadov, Mir-Hasan Yu. Seyidov, M.M. Shirinov, R.A. Suleymanov Memory effect in commensurate ferroelectric phase of TlGaSe2. 47  
    S.A. Jamalova The study of magnetic-phaze state of (Ni, Sb, Cr, K)/y Al2O3 catalysts and electron properties of promotors in propan dehydrogenation reaction. 51  
    Geis Sultanov, Mazahir Aldjanov, Elmira Kerimova MGR investigations in Ga0,8Fe0,02S6 crystals. 54  
    Ch.I.ABilov, Y.Babur Characteristic pecularities of p-PbTe/n-Pb0,99Tm0,01Te p-n transitions. 57  
    M.S. Murguzova, M.I. Murguzov, Sh.S. Ismayilov Galvanomagnetic proporties of solid solutions on the base of SnSe with taking part of gadolinium element. 59  
    E.N. Zamanova The influence of the thermal treatment on the air on the drift and recombination barriers in the films Cd(1-x)ZnxS (x=0-0,6). 62  
    E.M.Hasanov, Z.H.Tagiyev, G.A.Akhverdiyeva, N.A.Akhmedov Spatial structure of hexadecapeptide fragment of BAM-20P`molecule. 64  
    Teimur Mukhtarov Methods of development of interactive WAP Applications. 68  
    Azerbaijan-russian-english dictionary of the physical terms. 76  
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