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      Fizika, 2003,vol.IX, 2

    Выступление Лауреата Нобелевской премии, Вице-Президента Российской Академии Наук Жореса Ивановича Алферова на Международной конференции, посвященной 85-летию академика Гасана Багировича Абдуллаева. 1  
    Sh.M. Hasanli, N.N. Mursakulov A role of dislocations at processes of the mechanical bending of silicon wafers. 3  
    F.I. Ismailov Ground remote sensing of background air pollution layer on the city of Baku by the day sky brightness. 7  
    M.M. Panahov, S.A. Sadraddinov, J.H. Jabbarov, B.Sh. Barkhalov Photoelement with Schottky barrier on the base of the magnesium phtalocyanine organic semiconductor. 10  
    Kh.A.Gasanov Line magnetoresistance of the semiconductive film with the parabolic potential in the quantum magnetic field. 12  
    R.S. Madatov, V,G, Gasumova, N.A. Safarov, G.M. Akhmedov The influences of the surface effects on the mechanisms of the current passage in the silicon photoelements with optical coverings. 15  
    H. F. Abbasov About domain wall motion in a surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal. 18  
    Kh.Sh. Abdullayev, M.Sh. Mamedov Optical model analysis of neutron elastic scattering from Carbon . 20  
    O.A. Samedov TlInS2 - new relaxor ferroelectric. 22  
    F.D. Kasimov, A.A. Mamedov Reactive characteristics of optonegatron elements on the base of local polycrystalline silicon films. 26  
    E.M. Farkhadzade, H.B. Guliyev Bases of the theory of capacity and energy of distortion in electrical circuits with nonlinear power. 29  
    I.M. Abutalibov, M.B. Asadova, I.G. Jafarov The transient radiation of the non-invariant source in the plane-layered medium. 34  
    O.Z.Alekperov, V.R. Abdurrahmanov Layered character of dielectric function defined by the method of exciton spectroscopy in TlGaSe2 and TlInS2 crystals at phase transitions. 39  
    G.Kh. Azhdarov, M.A.Akperov, V.V,Mir-Bagirov Distribution of the components in the crystal Si-Ge, which has been brought up by the double feeding oh the melt method. 43  
    F.F. Aliyev, G.P. Pashayev, N.A. Verdieva The electric and thermoelectric properties of Ag2Se at the low temperatures. 46  
    V.P. Aliyev, S.S. Babayev, Sh.G. Gasimov, A.A. Ismailov, T.G. Mammadov, Mir-Hasan Yu. Seidov The anomalies of the electric and dielectric properties of the TlS in the region of phase transitions area. 50  
    H.R. Gurbanov, A.A. Nabiyev The investigation of electrophysical properties of Ln2GeS4 (Ln=Lа, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm) compounds. 55  
    Z.A.Veliyev, M.H. Huseynaliyev The investigation of the highly photo conducting chemically deposited CdS thin films. 58  
    M.A. Mukhtarov Stationary axisymetric gravity as a principal chiral field model. 60  
    Vilayat Ismailov Measuring method and its gnosiological aspects in modern physical cognition. 62  
    Azerbaijan-russian-english dictionary of the physical terms. 67  
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