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      Fizika, 2004,vol.X, 4

    Z.A. Iskenderzade, V.D. Faradjev, E.M. Kurbanov, E.K. Kasumova Gruneisen parameters and isothermal compressibility of GaS single crystals. 3  
    G.I. Abutalibov, A.A. Mamedov The lantan oxisulfides, activated by neodim ions are perspective crystals for the miniature lasers. 5  
    A.A. Kuliev, M. Guner, E. Guliyev, M. Tutunchu Effect of spin-vibrational 1+ states on ground state correlations of nuclei. 8  
    G.I. Abutalibov, A.A. Mamedov The perspectivity of the semiconductor glasses, as the active medium for the miniature laser. 13  
    D.I. Ismaylov The kinetics of phase transitions in amorphous films TlInSe2, obtained under the conditions of the action of the external electric field. 18  
    N.A. Aliev, R.B. Jamalova, S.G. Faradjeva, S.M. Gadjizade, G.S. Geydarova, A.A. Kasimov The investigation of states of ion Ni, Cr, Co, Bi and K in the composition of dehydration catalyses. 21  
    S.A. Aliev, Z.S. Gasanov, S.O. Mamedovā The phenomenon of a hysteresis in AgFeTe2 in phase transition region. 25  
    A.D. Aliyev Thermal conductivity coefficient and Prandtl’s number of grape products. 30  
    R.A. Ali-zade, R.R. Huseynov Improving of histogram parameters of magnetite nanoparticles distribution on size. 33  
    S.T. Azizov, M.A. Sadichov, Ch.O. Kadjar The measurements of dielectric properties of acetonitrile-bensole solutions in the microwave region. 37  
    S.A. Aliev, S.S. Ragimov, V.M. Aliev Obtaining and research of electrical properties of Y(1-X)CdXBa2Cu3O(7-d). 42  
    F.Sh. Aydayev, O.B. Tagiyev Electroluminescence (EL) in GaS:Ln3+ (Ln-Nd, Er, Tm). 44  
    E.I. Zulfugarov Influence of IR-radiation on kinetic effects in CdxHg(1-x)Te. 47  
    S.S. Ragimov, S.A. Aliev About diffusion of phase transition of AgSbTe2. 53  
    R. Mehtieva, A. Nadzhafov, M. Musaev, N. Musaeva, Z. Sadygov, E. Taptygov Investigation of photoelectric characteristics of silicon avalanche micro-pixel structures with surface drift of charge carriers. 56  
    M.M.Babayev Thermo-magnetic effects of hot electrons in non-degenerate semiconductors under the conditions of strong mutual electron-phonon drag. 58  
    Mohammad Javad Okhrawi Optimization of the size of photovoltaic (PV) array and battery storage capacity for power supply system in remote areas. 63  
    V.A. Guseinov, R.E. Gasimova , E.Z. Safarova The Weinberg angle in a magnetic field and the restriction for a neutrino mass. 67  
    A.M.Hashimov, Sh.M.Hasanli Influence the heat treatment on the mechanical characteristics of silicon plates. 71  
    Proceedings of Conference  
    L.M.Abutalibov, M.B.Asadova, L.G.Jafarov The transient radiation of the magnetic moment in the non-stationary medium. 73  
    M.B.Muradov, Y.M.Yolchev, N.G.Darvishov, G.M.Eyvazova The growth process and some optical properties of nanoparticles GaSe formed in the volume of glass matrix. 77  
    A.G.Mamedova, Sh.Sh.S.Aslanov, S.V.Gamidov, S.T.Kakhramanova, A.I.Bayramov Photoelectrical properties of Schottky barriers on the basis of hydrogenized amorphous silicon (a-Si:H). 81  
    M.K.Suleymanov, O.B.Abdinov, B.Z.Belashev, A.S.Vodopianov, Ya.G.Guseynaliyev On the mixed phase of strongly interacting matter. 85  
    T.D.Dzhafarov, V.D.Novruzov, A.Aydin, M.Altunbas, D.Oren, M.Tomakin Photo-electronic properties of Cu-doped CdS thin films. 91  
    E.F.Gambarov Raman spectra and photoluminescence of polycrystalline CaGa2S4:Tb(+3) compound. 95  
    E.A. Isaeva Simplex presentation of real world in the quantum mechanics. 101  
    S.N.Mustafaeva, E.M.Kerimova, P.G.Ismailova, M.M.Asadov Roentgendosimetric characteristics of detectors on the base of TlGaS2 single crystals. 108  
    Shervgi S. Shahverdiyev Unification of electromagnetism and gravitation in the framework of general geometry. 116  
    O.Alekperov, E.Jafarov, Z.Sadigov, N.Safarov, M.Suleimanov, R.Madatov, M.Musaev A new low-noise avalanche photodiode with micro-pixel structure. 126  
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