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      Fizika, 1996,vol.II, 1

    M.N. Abdullaev, N.G. Abdullaev, K.M. Sultanov The influence of spin-lattice coupling on an exitation in triangular lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet (TLHA) spin wave excitation 3  
    G.A. Kerimov, Yi.A. Verdiev On new addition theorem for the Bessel function. 7  
    V.A. Aliyev The incommensurate phase of TlInS2. 9  
    I.N. Askerzade The time resolution of the balance comparators on the tunnel Josephson junctions fed by the slowgrowing rate strobe pulses 12  
    Sh.Nagiyev, E.I. Jafarov Energy spectrum of q-analogue of the relativistic hydrogen atom. 15  
    E.R. Guseinov, R.R. Guseinov The screened potential of the impurity in the thin semiconductor film with two-dimensional correlation of the impurity ions. 18  
    M.B. Guseinov, V.S. Tagiev, A.M. Suleymanov The excitation spectrum of the uni-axial non-Heisenberg antiferromagnet 21  
    V.A. Tanriverdiev, V.S. Tagiyev, S.M. Seyid-Rzayeva Spin waves in a magnetic superlattice. 25  
    I.M. Askerov, M.A. Nizametdinova, Kh.F. Gadjiyev Angle and temperature dependence of EPR spectrum of Ga2S3 monocrystal doped by Eu 28  
    Z.A. Ibragimov Pecularities of optical and structural properties of some crystallic and glassy semiconductors of chalcogenides 31  
    A.I. Bayramov Influence of 1-group impurrities on the properties of CdS films. 34  
    R.Z. Kyazimzade Ground impurity state of substitutional atoms of copper, silver and gold in Ge(1-x)Si crystals 39  
    Ch.O. Qajar, S.A. Musaev, A.S. Hasanova, N.M. Kahramanova The millimetre-wave rotational spectrum of isopropyl alcocol (trans-form). 42  
    S.M. Musayeva, M.I.Murguzov, O.B. Tagiev The luminescence properties of EuLaGa2S7 single crystals. 49  
    I.M. Aliyev Electroreflectance and microhardness of Hg-Mn-Te system crystals. 52  
    M.M. Akhmedov, M.K. Kerimov Conductivity mechanism of films obtained polymerization of acetonitrile in glow discharge plasma. 54  
    S.Kh. Ahayeva, N.G. Darvishov, A.M. Pashaev Photoluminescence in TlIn(1-x)LnxS2 (Ln-Gd, Er) solid solutions. 57  
    T.R. Mehtiyev Nuclear magnetic resonanse spectra of system Hx-GaSe. 60  
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