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      Fizika, 2000,vol.VI, 1

    S.S. Agaev, A.I. Mukhtarov, Y.V. Mamedova Infrared renormaton effects on light mesons' M distribution amplitudes and FM (Q2) ,Fpy (Q2) form factors. 3  
    I.M. Efendiyeva, M.A. Ganberzadeh, M.N. Agayev, L.K. Abdullayeva Inverse volt-arupere characteristics of (PtSi+TiW-Al)-nSi Shottky diodes. 9  
    E.A. Masimov, E.G. Ismaiiov, V.I. Guseinov Influence of poly(ethylene glycol) with different molecular weight on the ESR spectra of Mn+ ions in the system Mn(N03)2-6H20/H20/poly(ethylene glycol). 11  
    K.K. Mamedov, N.A. Kerimov, V.G. Badalov, Ya.G. Guseynaliev, M.I. Mekhtiyev, Sh.A. Khurshudov, L.M. Mamedova Gamma-spectrometric complex for solution radio-ecological problems. 14  
    L.I.Velieva,I.N.Alieva,D.l.Aliev,N.M.Godjaev Spatial structure of the [Hyp3JMet-callatostatin molecule. 19  
    M.A. Kurbanov, S.A. Abasov, S.N. Musaeva, I.A. Faradzhzade Mechanical properties of the active composites at the high electric field. 24  
    M.A.Mukhtarov SL(3,C)-group element solution of Yang-Mills self-duality. 28  
    M.R. Vagabova Influence of the crystalline field symmetry on the deep electron levels in TIFeSe2. 31  
    V.S. Tagiyev, V.A. Tanriverdiyev, S.M. Seyid-Rzayeva, M.B. Guseynov Bulk spin-wave region in a ferromagnetic superlattice. 33  
    Y.A. Vidadi, F.V. Aliyeva, M.A. Nizametdinova Influence the silver nitrate on the superconducting ceramics ErBa2Cu3O(7-d)+nAg. 36  
    Ch.M. Juvarly, B.Z. Aliyev, G.M. Kerimov Sorptional processes on the steady surface in the presence of glow discharge. 38  
    G.T.Gasanov, A.A. Aliev, L.P. Guryanova The some properties of oil. 41  
    M.A. Musayev Oil emulsion analysis on water surface by lazer optico-acoustic method. 43  
    F.M.Seidov, E.M. Kerimova, S.N. Mustafaeva, R.K. Veliev, A.B. Magerramov, L.A. Ismailzade Investigation of TlTe-FeTe system and electrical properties of TlFeTe2. 47  
    G.I. Isakov Singularity of superconductivity of eutectic composition semiconductor-superconductor. 50  
    F.F. Aliev Electric and thermoelectric properties of p-Ag2Te. 53  
    Sh. M. Nagiyev Difference harmonic oscillators. II. 57  
    R.E. Guseynov, K.I. Alishova Determination of the nuclear radius and some parameters of planetary nebulaes. 60  
    Ya.Yu. Guseinov Estimation of the boundary separation between thin film-substrate in the heteroepitaxial structures by means of galvanomagnetorecombination effect. 64  
    N.T. Panahov Influence of oxygen on surface paramagnetic centers formed in silicagel under the action of g-irradiation. 67  
    T.M. Lazimov On the distribution of electromagnetic fields in quasi-conductors. 70  
    S.T. Kagramanova, F.A. Mustafayev, N.A. Djavadov Research of critical points in the energy spectrum TlInSe2. 73  
    G.Z. Bagiyeva, D.Z. Akhmedova, N.B. Mustafayev, G.D. Abdinova, N.G. Sadigov Surface conductivity of the extruded samples of Bio,5Sb1,5Te3 and Bi2Te2,7Se0,3 solid solution. 76  
    M.M. Tagiyev, F.S. Samedov, N.E. Gasanov The influence of Pb impurities and the heat treatment on the transitional contact resistance of Bi85Sb15-contact alloys. 79  
    M.B. Babaev The investigation of time changes of V/R-variation in the spectrum of Nova HR Del. 82  
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