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      Fizika, 2006,vol.XII, 3

    T.R. Mekhtiyev, N. Babayeva The nonlinear properties of optical fibers with structured membrane. 3  
    A.S. Abdinov, R.F. Babaeva, A.T. Bagirova, R.M. Rzaev Electroluminescence of layered monocrystals of 򤯔 8  
    A. Masimov, H.Sh. Hasanov, H.F. Abbasov, B.G. Pashayev Dielectric properties of water solution of NaOH and KOH. 11  
    N.N. Niftiyev, O.B. Tagiyev, M.B. Muradov, F.M. Mamedov Electrical properties of MnGa2S4 single crystals. 14  
    J.Y. Naziyev About throttling of real gases. 16  
    E.M. Farhadzadeh, A.Z. Muradaliyev, Y.Z. Farzaliyev Criterion of the control of experimental data. 20  
    H.H. Asadov, M.M. Aliyev, E.S. Abbaszadeh On one generalization of bouger beer law on the basis of new invariant parameter of solar spectral irradiation. Application for calibration of ground solar photometers. 22  
    R.A. Karamaliyev, R.M. Kasimov The transmission of light through a low-absorbing thin coating. 26  
    M.M. Mirabutalibov The nucleus excitation by electron non-elastic scattering. 30  
    R.M. Sardarly, O.A. Samedov, I.Sh. Sadikhov, G.R. Safarova, E.A. Zeynalova The hopping of intercalated Ag relaxors TlInS2. 33  
    Kh.A. Hasanov, V.A. Guseinov The influence of the heating of the charge carries on propagation of high-frequency electromagnetic waves in electron type semiconductors. 36  
    K.Sh. Kagramanov, S.Sh. Kagramanov, E.D. Moroudor, M.G. Pishkin The supramolecular structures on the base of AIV BVI Sb (NiSb) eutectic systems. 38  
    Z.A. Jahangirli The investigation of the electron structure of the (010) GeSe surface by green function method. 44  
    M.A. Mukhtarov Exact solution of WZNW model. 47  
    B.A. Tairov, A.G. Ragimov, S.Z. Damirova About structure of valency band in semiconductor melts Bi(1-x)Sb(x). 50  
    E.A. Allahyarov Radiographic investigations of melts of systems. 55  
    A.I. Isayev, S.I. Mehtiyeva, N.Z. Jalilov, R.I. Alekperov Optical transmission spectrum of HGS systems Se-As, doped by rare earth element samarium. 62  
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