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      Fizika, 2002,vol.VIII, 4

    M.A. Mukhtarov SL(3,C)-group element solution of the principal chiral field problem 3  
    Sh.K. Bayramov Roles of substrate inhibition and enzyme izomerization in kinetics of biochemical oscillations. 6  
    .R.M. Sardarli, O.A. Samedov, I.Sh. Sadigov, I.I. Aslanov, A.P. Abdullayev, J.H. Jabbarov Relaxor properties of TlInS2 crystals doped by Fe. 10  
    M.A. Kurbanov, M.G. Shakhtakhtinskiy, S.N. Musayeva, G.G. Aliyev, B.M. Izzatov Piezocomposites on the base of the two-component matrix. 13  
    N. Rustamov, S.G. Zeinalov On the importance of the transition Of - WN stars for the understanding of stars Wolf Rayet type evolution. 16  
    M.A. Kurbanov, G.M. Heydarov, T.A, Aliyev, I.F. Hasanov On the possibility of the creation of piezocomposite radiators for medical devices. 18  
    G.B. Ibrahimov,V.M. Hajiyev Electron transport phenomena in size-quantized n-Ge and n-Si films. 22  
    T.G. Osmanov, R.S. Madatov, F.K. Aleskerov, N.M. Abdullayev, S.A. Nabiyeva Conditions for the temperature stabilization of the thermoelectromotive force in semiconductive materials. 26  
    Ch.O.Qajar, S.A.Musayev, I.Z.Movsumov, M.R.Menzeleyev The shaper of modulating square waves. 29  
    S.A. Aliyev The phase transition spreading in bismuth HTSC. 32  
    F.D. Kasimov, .. Mamedov Shottky field effect transistor with superhigh speed. 36  
    .A.M. Babayev The Zeeman splitting in kane type semiconductor wire. 39  
    K.R. Allakhverdiyev, T.G. Mammadov, R.A. Suleymanov, N.Z. Gasanov Pressure and temperature effects on electronic spectra of TlGaSe2 type crystals. 44  
    G.B. Ibragimov Resonant interaction of ultrasound wave with electrons in quantum wire. 48  
    Talat R. Mehdiyev Optical properties of LiNbO3. Part one. 50  
    V.A. Tanriverdiyev, V.S. Tagiyev, S.M. Seyid-Rzaeva Recurrence relations technique in an antiferromagnetic superlattice. 57  
    R.G. Agayeva Classical factorization method for the non-stationary system. 62  
    E.A. Akhundova Realization of the tomographic principle in quantum state of damped oscillator. 64  
    Proceeding of conference  
    M.M. Mirabutalybov, S.G. Abdinova Elastic and inelastic scattering of protons on atomic nuclei. 68  
    Karamat Nasirzadeh Predication of activity coefficients for KI in methanol solutions using chemical model (CM) at 25C. 72  
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