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      Fizika, 2009,vol.XV, 4

    R.G. Aghayeva The new method of the thermomagnetic current calculation. quantum wire. 03  
    H.A. Hasanov Tensoresistive effect in porous silicon films with different morphology. 07  
    M.A. Mukhtarov Exact solution of non-abelian conformal affine toda model. 11  
    F. I. Ismailov The influence of background aerosol on spectral transparency of urban air. 15  
    N.M. Orujov, T.M. Panakhov, A.O. Mehrabov, M.G. Safarov Physical properties of solid solutions (Cd Te)1-x (Sb2Se3) (x=0.0; 0.5; 1.0-3.0 mol%). 19  
    I.└. └liyev, ╩.└. └skerova, S.D. └bdullayeva, N.└. └liyeva, └.└. ╠Ógerramov Thermodynamic properties of TlSnSe2 and Tl2SnSe3 compounds. 21  
    └.M. Abdullayev, E.M. Kerimova, A.K. Zamanova Ďhe heat capacity and phase transition in ĐţFe2Se4 crystals. 23  
    ╠. └. Ramazanov, └.R. Sadigova, S.└. └basov Strength properties of the composites on the base of polyvinylidene fluoride and europium complexes. 25  
    V.I. Nasirov, U.G. └sadov, └.F. Haziyeva, F.G. ╠agerramova Kinetics of IV-->III polymorphous transformation in Rb0,95Cs0,05NO3 single crystals. 27  
    N.╠. └bdullayev X-ray investigation of Bi2Te3-Bi2Sň3 and Bi2Te3-Bi2Sň3 films. 30  
    E.D. Kurbanov The explosive processes on potential electrode at formation of nano-second impulse discharge in solid air. 32  
    E.A. Kerimov, B.A. Guluzade, Sh.A. Bayramova, R.R. Gasanova Technology for producing structures PdSi - Si and photoelectrical properties 35  
    E.A. Kerimov, T.M. Abdullayeva, Sh.A. Bairamova, A.V. Mardakhayev, A.Sh. Khidirov Analysis of the fields emitted by mobile communication systems in terms of electromagnetic security 38  
    S.└. └liyev, I.Kh. Mamedov, R.I. Selim-zade The scattering character and conduction mechanism of charge carriers in Bi1-x Sbx alloys 41  
    E.F. Gambarov, A.I. Bayramov Effect of thermal annealing on structural properties of SrGa2S4:Ce thin films prepared by flash evaporation 47  
    B.B. Davudov, Ď.G. Nagiyev Condensation of a high-speed plasma stream 50  
    O.R. Akhmedov The study of heat conductivity properties of GdS1,48 and DyS1,48 52  
    R.S. Madatov, A.A. Sadygova Prospects and forecasting of applications nanotechnology in solar elements 54  
    E M. Gojaev, M.T. Dadashov Tensoresistive properties of TlIn1-xYbx(Ce)Se2 crystals 57  
    └.└. Atai, E.R. Yuzbashov Redetermination of monochromatic absorption coefficients values of ammonia in visible range of the spectrum for atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn 61  
    R.G. Veliyev Phase relations and phase magnetodielectrical properties in TlInS2-Tl(Cr, Mn, Co)S2 systems. 67  
    V.H. Hasanov, J.Y. Naziyev, Y.M. Naziyev The speed of sound of binary mixtures of n-alkanes. 71  
    E.A. Akhundova The general properties of nonlinear forms of linear partial differential equations 78  
    N.Z. Jalilov, G.M. Damirov Photoelectric properties of amorphous solid solutions of Se-S system 80  
    I.╠. Afandiyeva Investigation of potential barrier height of Schottky diode Al-TiCu/n-Si. 85  
    U.G. Asadov, └.G. Babayev, U.I. └liyev, F.G. Magerrramov, R.D. └liyeva Thermal extensions and polymorphous transitions in Cu2-xAxSe (x=0, 0.2, 0.4; A=Ag, Zn), CuAgSe, CuAgSe0.5(S,Te)0.5 crystals 89  
    └.Sh. Kakhramanov, F.╩. └leskerov, ╩.Sh. ╩akhramanov Fractal conceptions in physical and natural structures 98  
    R.J. Kasumova, A.A. Karimi Intracavity quasi-phase-matched generation of optical frequencies 102  
    E.I. Veliev, T.M. Ahmedov One method to solve electromagnetic waves diffraction problems on plane screens with fractional boundary conditions 106  
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